• changeVisit your local community justice center, and consider joining a restorative panel or a COSA (circle of support and accountability) to support someone coming out of prison.
  • Invite your legislator for coffee on a Monday or weekend and talk with him/her about the criminal justice system, your concerns, and your vision for change. Remember that they DO want to hear from you.
  • Do you have opportunities to hire staff or rent an apartment or room?  Examine how you screen applicants and what weight you give to past behavior, specifically a criminal conviction.  Are you willing to look past a former crime and give someone another chance?
  • Notice the language used in news reports and in the community. Is someone in prison referred to as an “embezzler,” “murderer” or “sex offender” or as a person convicted of a certain crime?  Is a formerly incarcerated person called an “ex-con” or again, labeled by his/her crime?
  • Observe your own impulses when someone harms you. Do you want to hurt him/her back?  Notice your emotions: anger? sadness?  Notice when you feel the human impulse toward retribution and when you are able to move past that toward compassion.

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