decarcerateEnd Unnecessary Incarceration: Sign the petition! Ending unnecessary incarceration should be a top priority for the state—for reasons of both justice and economics. The Dept. of Corrections alone has the power to implement internal policy changes to reduce the prison population by 250 people by June. But long-term “de-carceration” in Vermont requires participation by the legislature, state’s attorneys and the judiciary, and ultimately the mental health system, treatment providers, the community justice network and the public. We must take action now to end unnecessary incarceration, so that we can begin to make Vermont a safer, more just and healthier state.

lockedupshippedawayVTNo private prisons: Sign the petition!  For too long, we Vermonters have allowed a costly band-aid to disguise a problem that needs real solutions.  For too long our tax dollars have paid corporations that profit off of the imprisonment of our neighbors and loved ones who are ware-house out of state, while Vermont families bear the emotional and financial burdens of being separated from their loved ones. We say no to contracting with private, for-profit prisons! 

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