12.16 MS smaller

Stuck in jail with no bail.

Friends I had no longer exist

only my fellow convicts.

I got dragged to the box on the daily,

wishing I could just be with baby.

All I do is resist and get major’s, loving life in danger.

A1’s on cops, too many to count,

sitting in my tin box, living in doubt

of ever getting out.

I don’t know why I keep freakin.

I should just stop speakin

but I can’t it’s impossible.

This fight I have is internal like a hot inferno

taking over my entire being.


Art: MS

Wind Carries Everything Away

12.16 EH

No one but me by the fire my hands burning red in the palms while the night wind carries everything away outside. Oh how I long to be free from all my troubles; where I don’t have to feel the need to always explain myself out of my many mishaps and slip ups; where I don’t feel I always need to justify everything I do in my life; where I am not constantly feeling judged or ridiculed for my past mistakes; where I can live a life of freedom from my past.


Freedom from the Walls Within

12.16 CMP smaller

I want to bear freedom into my life!

From all emotional ties, to the man I promised forever,

from the invisible bars that hold me into this toxic environment,

freedom to be alone,

without pain, to live in happiness.


This Place We Won't Return to It

The Missing Pieces MGa smaller

I’m lying in my bed slowly drifting asleep. Once I’m there I notice a feeling in my body that I thought was all too real, finally realizing that it is not however as it seems. It is deep inside my dreams or, shall I say, nightmare. I begin slowly striding down this long dirt path wondering when I’ll reach the end, yet unaware of what I will find. As I’m walking I get a glimpse out of the corner of my eye.


I Will


So much time has been taken away. Will I still be able to grow?

Will I remember how to develop being me again?

Living here is like a bad relationship, one that sucks you dry like the bad situation


In This Place

8.16 MEG

In this place, I’ve been robbed of my identity. I have been gas-lighted, made to believe I am insignificant or unworthy. You talk about abusive relationships. I’d rather have one abuser than several.



Dont Try to Figure it Out AG I was born into this world just a small and fragile child. I was a happy child until I had people telling me whether something was good or not. Well, that's gonna end. 'Cuase I am smart


Alone is Where I Stand

8.16 Giving PPsmaller

Fear of the unknown, fear of being alone. It has haunted me until I stood up and stared it in the face and roared like the wild woman that is seated deep within my soul. So many times I have thought that desolation


Along the Horizon

Pastels PP Smaller

I know in my life there has been many times when I have felt lost and like I am withering away from my true self. There even have been many days where I have not quite felt like myself: lost and alone out


Wild Song

Smaller Hearts on FireWhat wild song is singing through you? It seems that has always been the real question. What does this or that mean, what is life’s purpose,


Thief of Dreamers

5.16 Dark Angel AG smaller

I have titled what holds me back. I have named it. I have cursed it. I have despised and hated it. It’s a thief of dreamers. A thief of hope. It does not play fair, and always kept me on my toes.


Pressure Inside

Finding Happiness

I am at an all-time low.

Total discourse is wearing me down.

My eyes burn from tears,

my body hurts all over,


Wise Women's Work

woman behind bars kf BIGGER

I need you as I sit quietly waiting for you to feed me. You haven’t came to visit me in months, I’m hungry for your touch, thirsty for your taste. The days have gone by slowly here where I sit, my body rattles at the thought of you. I feel our song deep in my bones.


Here I Sit

Lucy Edkins

When I came to jail, I was homeless for a long time, so I sat on lack of residence for seven months, five months past my first minimum date. I went to Dismas House except that didn’t work out, came back in November, then sat past my minimum date again


The Addict I Let Myself Be

Eve McDougal Cell

I’m sitting in jail. I came here for a punishment for the drugs I once used. Moaning and yearning to be set free.



Mandala Creature smaller

I have been struggling with my ‘unknown.’  I am leaving this place soon, and I am scared out of my mind. Trying to figure out who I am now . . .


Feeding My Addiction

AS 12.31.15 smaller

Everything is the same today as it was three years ago. Everything except my body, its shape, its quickness to alert me when I’m in pain, needing rest


To The System

Love me as I am smaller MG

I sit in a system that has far out-broken right from wrong, has long out-lasted its last facelift and has done little to sustain its swinging back door. My own body has been over-stimulated by this system, loudness echoes each corner of these walls.


Are There Angels Hovering Above?

WiVT which way out

I was called into the lawyer’s room today at 12 noon.

A doctor and an investigator--

they listened to me for almost five hours.



Shawna smaller

When I came to jail, I was homeless for a long time, so I sat on lack of residence for seven months, five months past my first


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