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I have been struggling with my ‘unknown.’  I am leaving this place soon, and I am scared out of my mind. Trying to figure out who I am now . . .

I have always been Mother; then I was Wife; and then I was Addict/Drug Dealer.

 Now I am sober, nine months. I am getting out of jail, actually maxing out of jail. No longer Addict/Drug Dealer or Wife.

But still Mother. Always Mother. I have 7 children. Yes, I have been blessed, my children have stood by all the me’s, even the crazy one. They are proud of me, my sobriety, my evolution.

 But I am back to the beginning. Who am I …

 I am so scared of what’s going to become of me once I am free. Who will I be? Who will I become?

-- CS

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