The Addict I Let Myself Be

Eve McDougal Cell

I’m sitting in jail. I came here for a punishment for the drugs I once used. Moaning and yearning to be set free.


The fear I have - please, let me be. I was so sick and yearned for a change in me; but I needed to learn to get over the addict  I let myself be.

I’m sitting in jail not understanding why I let this be, let this addiction get a hold of me. Fear - it hurts me bad, to look through the bars and not be able to see the outside. Please, let me be. This is what I get for being the addict I let myself be.

 Tomorrow, I get let free, not knowing how to feel being drug-free. Scared I just might be; but like others say, this will change, too. Just let it be and wait to see. This new person that I’ll be, an addict I’ll let be … The addict is what I don’t want for me. No more being afraid of the addict I once was so bad. I might still be an addict I’ll always be. 

But for me to be set free from the drugs ...  I always will be as long as I let it be. So let this all go to you I love so I’m free from drugs, and free . . .


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