Here I Sit

Lucy Edkins

When I came to jail, I was homeless for a long time, so I sat on lack of residence for seven months, five months past my first minimum date. I went to Dismas House except that didn’t work out, came back in November, then sat past my minimum date again

for five months. Then I got out to my brother’s house, did good for a while but I had no contact with my wife so I took off on escape for six weeks. I do not regret that at all. That was the only time this year I had spent with her before she died.

Then I came back to jail until August. I got out to Oxford House two weeks after Kris died. I told my P.O. it wouldn’t work. Lo and behold, six days later I was in jail yet again.

Now I’ve sat for three months but this time I have a residence. I’ve paid rent on it for three months to be told last week that I was case-staffed to max out of jail so technically I max in twelve weeks but doing so, I will lose my residence. Yeah!

So I’ve sent a grievance number to center office two weeks ago, have heard nothing back as of yet. Last Monday, I sent a letter to prisoner’s rights and today my attorney from P.R. came to discuss my case.

I don’t care truly about maxing out, but I have seven children and three grandchildren. It’s my granddaughter’s first everything and I truly WANT to participate in all of them, not just see pictures and hear about everything. I mean, her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, her first birthday - 1.11.16 - I won’t be out until 2.19.16.

Dammit, I’ve been sober for two years, I haven’t picked up new charges, I have an apartment, I have means to support myself, I have a counselor set up, maintenance set up, a job, and education. I have a sponsor and a mentor. I’m currently working the twelve steps and I am in grief counseling. I NEED my family and I feel like I’m being kept from everything healthy for me. She let me out with nothing set up and now I’m covering my ass, here I sit!

-- CS

Art: Portrait of a Woman Prisonder, Lucy Edkins,

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