Pressure Inside

Finding Happiness

I am at an all-time low.

Total discourse is wearing me down.

My eyes burn from tears,

my body hurts all over,

especially my chest, my arms, my back.

I actually thought,

Is this how a heart attack


I also thought, Oh good,

I can’t take this abuse anymore.

People agitate and provoke you

not only inmates but correctional officers.

I have begun to advocate

for all the unfair cruelty we are

subjected to.

I have written to everyone from

the superintendent, to the central

office, even the risk reduction teacher.

I have involved all that I trust

because something has to change.

A mentor would be nice.

Someone, anyone, a soul friend.

I keep telling myself to persevere,

follow the passion you feel.

Anything is possible.

Living here, a total life change

for me.

How will I continue?

I don’t even feel like a person.

The thought of my son and my grandchildren

keep me going. I am lost.

God is what is keeping me alive.

I don’t even think that is what I want.

-- CP

Art: Searching for Happiness in These Crooked Walls, DH

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