Thief of Dreamers

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I have titled what holds me back. I have named it. I have cursed it. I have despised and hated it. It’s a thief of dreamers. A thief of hope. It does not play fair, and always kept me on my toes.


But I stook up for myself one day. I thought to myself, no guts, no glory. I went all in. I let go of what was grounding me, bridling me. Had me like a puppet on a string. And just like that, it was all in my control to let something go that had so much power like that. But I did it. The battle didn’t end there. It haunted me like a ghost. It snuck up on me when I least expected, inviting me back for one more taste. I hesitate. I start to believe the lie. Maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe it will be different. But come on, we’ve been through this before. We know how it ends. The void it leaves will never be filled. Yet the emptiness is better than having a monkey on your back.

-- MGa

Art: Dark Angel, AG

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