Along the Horizon

Pastels PP Smaller

I know in my life there has been many times when I have felt lost and like I am withering away from my true self. There even have been many days where I have not quite felt like myself: lost and alone out

there, unsure of where I am meant to be.

It is confusing and heartbreaking because I know there are people out there that truly do need me to be my true self so I am not alone; but these people are also relying on me to be there for them, also. But how can I do this if I can’t be myself in the most difficult of times? How can one be oneself in a world that seems dark and cold and where you don’t feel normal? How do you survive outside of your true reality? How do you cope when you don’t feel you belong, when you feel like you are out of your ordinary surroundings, when you feel like you are far from home, when you feel like the burning flame of your true nature has been taken from you? How do you truly survive? How do you honestly cope with these challenges? It is not easy; but somehow we all seem to endure our worst fears because, in our heart of hearts, we know we will eventually return home.

-- MS [excerpt]

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