Alone is Where I Stand

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Fear of the unknown, fear of being alone. It has haunted me until I stood up and stared it in the face and roared like the wild woman that is seated deep within my soul. So many times I have thought that desolation

would drive me further from the sanity that I craved.

Picturing myself stumbling in darkness shook me to my core, until I found myself in the middle of nowhere with no light switch to turn on.  I had a choice: let fear win and crumble; or rise up and become everything my soul has told me I could be.

After that choice was made, and my direction clear, instinct took over. I became the essence of woman, letting my inner shine blind the rest of the world. With that shine, I took on a whole new vision of me and who I am, what I want, what I need. There was no fear left to weaken my posture or my will. So fleeting were the thoughts of “I can’’t.” Survival was a must and I will do what it takes to see that happens.

Alone I have made this journey. Alone I have fallen. And alone I have picked myself back up. Alone is where I stand. All one is me. It is the home where I can let my hair down and spread my wings to take flight into the unknown. I can’t say that I’m ready. I can’t say it’ll be okay. I know now that the barriers which kept me frozen are now gone.

-- AG

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