In This Place

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In this place, I’ve been robbed of my identity. I have been gas-lighted, made to believe I am insignificant or unworthy. You talk about abusive relationships. I’d rather have one abuser than several.

Everywhere you turn - don’t do this, don’t do that … Living life walking on eggshells. Eventually you grow accustomed. It becomes a natural part of life.  At which point you have lost your soul. You no longer know how to depict your interests or to express your own feelings. Every possible variation of self-expression has been stripped from you. You are told, behave this way or else … The consequences for standing up for what you believe in are severe. Locked in a room with nothing but metal for days on end. Left to your own devices. The system is cruel and brutal. It’s true I have a hard time deciding anything for myself because I’m waiting for a dictator to demean, belittle and eventually ruin me. Rob you of your very essence, of which you were raised on. Your moral and value systems destroyed. Just another passerby fallen victim to corruption.


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