This Place We Won't Return to It

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I’m lying in my bed slowly drifting asleep. Once I’m there I notice a feeling in my body that I thought was all too real, finally realizing that it is not however as it seems. It is deep inside my dreams or, shall I say, nightmare. I begin slowly striding down this long dirt path wondering when I’ll reach the end, yet unaware of what I will find. As I’m walking I get a glimpse out of the corner of my eye.

I turn towards it to see a young girl running around in a zigzag motion around the trees until I’m hit with the shock of the realization that the young girl I was seeing was me as a child. 

After that realization I instantly became flooded with tons of emotions until somehow I cannot explain. I instantly knew what that vision of myself as a young girl actually meant. It was me running away from my past, all the pain I had endured, the hurt, shame, guilt, fear, and last but not least the defeated pressure pushed upon me by others throughout my life. Now, however, I have changed inside and I’m no longer that young girl running away from the pain from my past. I’m now a strong determined woman who’s taking a stand to fight for my life and made that big final decision of changing to a different path. I’m not willing to stay there for this place we won’t return to. I am now in control and I finally have choices to make!


Art: The Missing Pieces  --MGa


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