Are There Angels Hovering Above?

WiVT which way out

I was called into the lawyer’s room today at 12 noon.

A doctor and an investigator--

they listened to me for almost five hours.

Both women, sent by my lawyer.

I had been in touch with a

group that supports battered women.

It was them that gave my lawyer

these two wonderful women’s names--

so understanding and kind.

I told the doctor she was the

best medical professional

I had seen since my year-plus here.

She laughed but knew I meant the truth.

I guess my self-advocacy would be

to let something be done with the

way we are treated for our meds

and mental health. The doctor asked,

“How are the therapists here?”

It was my turn to laugh

because there is really no one

to fill the shoes of such a person.

Mental anguish, mental breakdowns, crying--

they happen to me a lot.

There treatment here, it’s simple.

They just put you on fifteen minute checks.

Like that’s going to help.

It’s the truth of what happens here.

We really don’t get any help.

So I try to do what I know best,

pray to my God for strength.

-- CMP

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